Art by DEAK
(Featured: Commissioned painting  for the Coe Family. December, 2018)
Artworks inspired by Life, Love and Hope
Recent Works
  1. Lori
  2. Sea of Galilee
    Sea of Galilee
  3. Natalie's Vision
    Natalie's Vision
  4. "San Francisco"
    "San Francisco"
    San Francisco" - Commissioned work
  5. Gabriel
  6. Oh Light
    Oh Light
    For FMC-Mansfield 36" x 48"
  7. The Putt
    The Putt
    Live Painting Auctioned
  8. Lion and the Lamb
    Lion and the Lamb
    Commissioned 12/25/17
  9. Wedding Portrait
    Wedding Portrait
  10. Lion
  11. Young Einstein
    Young Einstein
  12. Bluebonnets
  13. Ryan Coe
    Ryan Coe
    Commissioned, Christmas 2018
  14. Helping hands
    Helping hands
    Auctioned 2018
  15. Remembering
    Gifted, Christmas 2018
  16. Joye's Gift
    Joye's Gift
    Commissioned, Christmas 2018
Text your photo for commissioned artwork!
Great joy in painting sports related paintings!  Thank you June and Nathan!​ Nathan Finke played for Texas A&M University during college years and continues to be a proud supporter of the Aggies.

Buyers can email through "more" link above, or text me at 817-688 -3503.

                              Commissioned 12/20/17 by Dustin. 

Mother's Day Weekend

Wedding Portrait (left) Mother's Day Paintings (above and right).

So much fun painting a wedding portrait for Lauren and John Blair. It was an amazing wedding.
Above is a Mother's Day portrait where her husband chose two pictures. His wife's favorite landscape photo along with a picture of her sons from another photo. 
The photo on the right was another Mother's Day surprise for Stephanie Alexander from her husband David. A special 30"Wx40"H portrait of their children. So much joy!!!

Wall Art /Mural

Outdoors Theme

Wall mural work for a wonderful family that is soon to welcome into this world a baby boy. So blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you Leasor Family! 
My name is Doug Peak
Speak to the heart​​​:
My passion is to create artwork that moves human emotion, blesses the spirit and speaks to the heart.   
From our home to yours, artwork can be purchased and delivered within weeks.  Thanks for the support and remember always to keep looking up!
(Recent Paintings: Dylan and Larisa -Happy New Year, 2017! and record deep water trout painting titled "The Catch"