Speak to the Heart
Art by Doug Peak
From my family 
The Peak family is incredibly thankful for the love and support from our friends and community here in Mansfield, Texas. Our hopes are to touch hearts through the gifts we have been given.  Special thanks to Star Varner, (Southwestern University, Art Faculty) and FMCM.   
It seems like yesterday that I graduated from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas with an art degree.  However, that was 1992.  Fast forward and little has changed.  Why do I still have a burning passion to create?  It may be hereditary, as the family tree is filled with artists of all kinds. Painters, singers, musicians and writers that no doubt wrestled with their inner desires. Through it all, I have solace in knowing that my artwork comes from my heart and mind, with a goal of speaking to the heart of another.  
"May the light reflected from these works speak to your heart, move your
spirit and touch your soul."
 - D. Peak