For Sale and Commissioned Artwork
Art by Doug Peak
Hands Make Heart
Paintined live and auctioned at a Young Life Fundraiser. It was an amazing evening!!!
  1. Hope is Alive (Sold)
    Hope is Alive (Sold)
  2. Oceans (Live Painting)
    Oceans (Live Painting)
  3. Hand in Hand (Abstract) SOLD
    Hand in Hand (Abstract) SOLD
  4. Life (For Sale)
    Life (For Sale)
  5. Coach and Son (Commissioned)
    Coach and Son (Commissioned)
  6. Adeline (Commissioned)
    Adeline (Commissioned)
  7. Wedding Dance (Commissioned)
    Wedding Dance (Commissioned)
  8. Kayla's Men (Commissioned)
    Kayla's Men (Commissioned)
  1. The Roberts (Commissioned)
    The Roberts (Commissioned)
  2. St. Andrews (Gifted - Family)
    St. Andrews (Gifted - Family)
  3. Carry the Cross (Commissioned)
    Carry the Cross (Commissioned)
  4. Crucifixion 1 (Live Painting FMCM)
    Crucifixion 1 (Live Painting FMCM)
  5. Hope is Alive (Commissioned)
    Hope is Alive (Commissioned)
  6. It is Finished (FMCM)
    It is Finished (FMCM)
  7. Hope is Alive  (Gifted - Family)
    Hope is Alive (Gifted - Family)
  8. Lady on Boat (Commissioned)
    Lady on Boat (Commissioned)
  9. Coach D's Boy's (Commissioned)
    Coach D's Boy's (Commissioned)
  10. Tanner (Commissioned)
    Tanner (Commissioned)
  11. Good Friday (FMCM Live in service painting)
    Good Friday (FMCM Live in service painting)
  12. Time with Marc (Gifted)
    Time with Marc (Gifted)
  13. The Bay (Commissioned)
    The Bay (Commissioned)
  14. The Putt (Live Painting -Auctioned)
    The Putt (Live Painting -Auctioned)
  15. A View of Venice
    A View of Venice
  16. Ft. Worth
    Ft. Worth
  17. Einstein (Live Painting - sold)
    Einstein (Live Painting - sold)
  18.  Blue Dove (Gifted)
    Blue Dove (Gifted)
  19. Einstein (Commissioned, 2017)
    Einstein (Commissioned, 2017)
  20. Einstein (Live painting, 2017) Prize Winner
    Einstein (Live painting, 2017) Prize Winner
  1. "Sisters" for L. Leffler, 2017
    "Sisters" for L. Leffler, 2017
  1. Chickadee #1
    Chickadee #1
    (Auction winner, 2017.)
  2. Chickadee #2
    Chickadee #2
Painting Commissioned. Titled: "Adeline"
Painting Commissioned: Carla's Painting. "Deer in Headlights"
'Houston Dove" - Painted (Gifted) to Houston Police Officer, Scott Peak.
Live Painting - "Dove" , Painted live at FMCM during opening ceremony of Central Texas Annual Conference, 2017. Gifted to Bishop, Mike Lowry.

Campfire Cathedral

Painted for Paul and Kayla. There is something spiritual about a campfire in the wilderness. Commissioned, 2017.
  1. The Kiss
    The Kiss
  2. The Reader
    The Reader
  3. Crucifiction
  4. Portrait

 Spiritual Paintings